Ryan Michael: QBS Interview with 2001 Heisman Trophy Quarterback Eric Crouch

Posted on July 1, 2018 at 10:15 AM

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At Nebraska, quarterback Eric Crouch led the Cornhuskers on a thrilling run his senior year that led to an appearence in the Rose Bowl National Championship game vs. the Miami Hurricanes. Crouch won the 2001 Heisman Trophy, tearing up the record books and leaving his mark in the world of college football. I talked with Crouch about his time at Nebraska, his run for the Heisman Trophy, how his style of play might work in 2018 and what he's up to these days.


Ryan: I feel that your 2001 season with Nebraska remains one of the most breathtaking runs for the Heisman Trophy in NCAA history. What do you remember most about that season?

Eric: "I remember our team having a great season and playing in a National Championship game against one of the best teams to play college football, Miami. Being a competitor, I will always remember the loss to Miami. They were a very good team and deserved to win the National Championship."

Ryan: Duel threat quarterbacks are in vogue these days, but how many players can say they've rushed for a 95-yard touchdown or scored touchdowns by passing, rushing and receiving all in the same game? How do you feel your style of play would work in today's game?

Eric: "I feel it would work great! It would have been fun to throw the ball more and spread the field out like many teams do now."

Ryan: If you had to pick one game from your time at Nebraska that you feel best represented who you were as a football player, which game would it be and why?

Eric: "This is a good question. I have never thought about it this way, but I would have to [say the] 1999 away game vs. Iowa (9/4/99). I was not the starter, but came in the game and ran over an Iowa defender. This was one of the plays that people approach me about the most. It must have been impactful to them as well. I was still fighting for a starting spot at quarterback and wanted to make a statement to my teammates. I wanted them to know that I was not afraid to play this game in a physical way. I needed to earn my teammates respect. Two game later in my sophomore year, I became the starter."

Ryan: In 2002, you were drafted by the St. Louis Rams, but as a wide receiver. Do you have any bitter feelings about what could have been had you not been injured playing a non-quarterback position?

Eric: "I am not bitter, but my son told me yesterday, I should have stuck it out. He has a point. However, playing receiver was not for me. I really enjoyed playing quarterback and having the pressure of the game in my hands."

Ryan: What are you up to these days?

Eric: "My wife and I are in our 15th year of owning our [own] company that sells recreational equipment ( I am helping coach the running backs at Midland University in Fremont Nebraska. I have also spent a few years building a youth tackle football and 7-on-7 passing organization in Omaha, Nebraska."


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