Ryan Michael: QBS Interview with Caleb Hanie

Posted on August 26, 2015 at 8:35 AM

In another QBS exclusive, I caught up with NFL veteran quarterback Caleb Hanie. We talked about the teams he's played for since coming into the league in 2008, what it was like to throw his first touchdown pass in the 2010 NFC Championship game vs. Aaron Rodgers, what it was like to play with Peyton Manning in Denver and how he's been changing the landscape of non-tackle football with the advent of soft shell helmets.


Ryan: Since you entered the NFL in 2008, you've spent time with the Chicago Bears, Denver Broncos, Cleveland Browns and Dallas Cowboys. Which team did you enjoy playing for the most?

Caleb: "I enjoyed the city of Chicago immensely. The history behind the Bears is incredible. Cool team to play with and I made a lot of great friends—Steltz, Cutler, Roach, etc. But my favorite season was with the Broncos. Such a good team. Peyton was awesome to play with and I just had a blast!"

Ryan: After Jay Cutler was injured in the 2010 NFC Championship game, you stepped in, threw a touchdown, but eventually fell short by 7-points to Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. What was it like to play in that game and how did it feel to throw your first touchdown pass on such a large stage?

Caleb: "That game is so surreal. Everything happened so quickly. Not much time to think about the weight of it all as it felt like one minute I was warming up and the next minute the game was over. Definitely a cool thing to tell my grandkids that their grandpa threw his first touchdown in the NFC Championship."


Ryan: In 2012, you joined the Denver Broncos along with Peyton Manning. The two of you both played in the preseason opener, a 31-3 win over your former team, the Chicago Bears. What was it like to be there by Manning's side as he made his comeback to the NFL?

Caleb: "Another surreal situation. He's such a respected player. One of my favorite to watch when I was in high school. To be there and become a true friend of his while he experienced so much change in his life was so cool. It was one of his best seasons ever and I feel forever connected to him because of that time together."

Ryan: You are the Vice President of RockSolid—a company that develops soft shell helmets for non-contact football. Tell me a little about what it is you do and where fans can go to find more information.

Caleb: "RockSolid is run by myself and another former NFL teammate. We designed the first ever soft shell helmet specifically for non-tackle football (non-contact) such as flag football, 7-on-7, or off season activities for high school and college teams. We have outfitted over 20,000 kids in the last 14 months. We are changing the game by enhancing the overall experience for flag football kids and parents. The parents feel more at ease knowing their son or daughter's heads are protected and the kids get to feel like real football players by wearing a cool looking helmet. We are the ONLY soft shell helmet designed specifically for football and our website to order is: Check us out and thank you!"


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