Andrew Luck Continues to Disappoint in 2013

Posted on December 3, 2013 at 10:10 PM
Despite the fact that the Indianapolis Colts are 8-4 with commanding control over the weak AFC South, Andrew Luck has struggled tremendously in 2013.

It hasn't gotten the attention it should -- naturally, the media has been too consumed with hyping the 2012 draft class. While Luck's perception has been busy soaking up the sensationalism, his on-field performance has proven to be quite unproductive, horrifically inaccurate and woefully inefficient. Luck hasn't been able to move his team up and down the field, he struggles to complete passes and repeatedly fails to put points on the board. The result -- a 0.0 current QBS for the second consecutive season.

Andrew Luck (2013 QBS: 0.0)

  • 21st in passing yards per game.
  • 26th in touchdown pass percentage.
  • 31st in completion percentage.
  • 29th in yards per passing attempt.
  • 21st in adjusted net yards per attempt.

*Luck ranks 124th in NFL history in pass completion percentage.

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