Peyton Manning a Clear Favorite Over Russell Wilson for 2013 NFL MVP

Posted on December 3, 2013 at 8:40 PM
After the Seahawks impressive 34-7 primetime win over the Saints, many in the media have attempted to nominate Russell Wilson as a legitimate NFL MVP candidate. He's not, and his 15.0 QBS is a true testimate to that. While no one can argue that Wilson has out-performed his 2012 draft classmates Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, his solid sophomore season is simply not in the same stratosphere as Peyton Manning's 2013 campaign, which may go down as the greatest season in NFL history.

Peyton Manning (2013 QBS: 38.0)

  • 1st in passing yards.
  • 1st in touchdown passes.
  • 2nd in completion percentage.
  • 2nd in adjusted net yards per attempt.
  • 1.9 interception percentage.
  • 1st in QBR.

Russell Wilson (2013 QBS: 15.0)

  • 17th in passing yards.
  • 6th in touchdown passes.
  • 7th in completion percentage.
  • 5th in adjusted net yards per attempt.
  • 2.0 interception percentage.
  • 7th in QBR.

Broncos Team Support for Manning:

  • 27th ranked defense (yardage).
  • 26th ranked scoring defense.
  • 23rd in rushing yards per attempt.

Seahawks Team Support for Wilson:

  • 1st ranked defense (yardage).
  • 2nd ranked scoring defense.
  • 7th in rushing yards per attempt.

Total Yardage and Total Touchdown Comparison:

  • Manning: 4,095 combined yards -- Wilson: 3,128 combined yards.
  • Manning: 42 total touchdowns -- Wilson: 23 total touchdowns.


  • Manning has accounted for 967 more yards, 19 more touchdowns and 114 more points than Wilson.
  • Manning has been more productive, more accurate, more efficient and has a lower interception-rate than Wilson.
  • Wilson is backed by one of the best rushing attacks in the NFL (7th) -- Manning is backed by one of the worst (23rd).
  • Wilson is backed by the best defense in football (1st) -- Manning is backed by one of the worst (27th).

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