Humiliating NFL Network Segment: Tom Brady "Better Than Ever"

Posted on November 26, 2013 at 1:35 PM
Sensationalism appears to be in full swing after the New England Patriots' victory over the Denver Broncos.

NFL Network "analyst" --and I use that term lightly-- Warren Sapp, made some humiliating remarks that further illustrated his inability to comprehend how to judge quarterbacks. Sapp has never been known for being one of the media's deeper thinkers and it's not difficult to see why. It's one thing to point out the obvious -- that Brady played a good game on Sunday. He deserves credit for being the driving force behind a big regular season victory. Sapp though, took his praise to another level.

"Lets get away from the stats L.T. and lets just go to the eye test. And yes, this is the best Tom Brady has looked in his career because I've seen him drag the 31st rated defense to the Super Bowl and if Wes Welker makes that catch, we're talking about a fourth championship -- putting him with Joe Montana. What he did last night, it didn't matter -- in the wind, with the wind, down 24, 280 yards being rushed on the other side of the ball -- I'm going to will my team to win. Just give me the ball back defense." -Warren Sapp

Notice how the first words out of Sapp's mouth were to insist that they "get away from the stats" -- which shouldn't surprise anyone. He's at least aware of the fact that despite being productive in three out of eleven games this season, Brady has been playing the worst football of his entire career. The QBS has evaluated Brady's 2013 season in totality thus far and the results are not pretty. Brady peaked in 2007 when he became the only quarterback in history to ever produce a perfect QBS of 40.0. Now eleven games into this season, his QBS stands at an abysmal 3.0.

Tom Brady (2013 QBS: 3.0)


  • 9th in passing yards.
  • 10th in touchdown passes.
  • 23rd in completion percentage.
  • 18th in adjusted net yards per attempt.
  • 19th in passer rating.
  • 14th in ESPN's QBR.

Sapp's spoken sentence structure was not only broken, but the half-facts he brought up weren't even related to his original point. They seem more like cheap plugs made in an attempt to spruce up Brady's resumé. He mentioned Brady "dragging the 31st rated defense to the Super Bowl", so he either A) conveniently ignored the fact that Brady performed horrendously in the 2011 AFC Championship or B) simply had no accurate recollection of history dating back less than two years. My guess is the latter.

Brady (2011 AFC Championship): 22 of 36 for 239 yards, 0 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. 57.5 passer rating.

While casual fans will likely brush by such stupidity and nod their heads at these broken statements, you can't help but be concerned with the alleged "expert analysis" being provided to official NFL programming. While the sensationalism may be right in line with what the masses want to hear, it's so far removed from reality that it only further enables millions of people to live in dream land.

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