The Chiefs Are 9-0 in Spite of Poor Quarterback Play by Alex Smith

Posted on November 17, 2013 at 12:20 AM

NFL Network recently ran a segment titled "Why no love for Kansas City Chiefs' Alex Smith?"

Smith isn't productive -- he ranks 20th in passing yards.

Smith doesn't put points on the board -- he ranks 22nd in touchdown passes.

Smith is an inaccurate passer -- he ranks 23rd in pass completion percentage.

Smith is inefficent -- he ranks 22nd in adjusted net yards per attempt.

Smith's 81.4 passer rating ranks 23rd and his 46.75 QBR ranks 22nd.

The Chiefs are 9-0 in spite of Alex Smith's poor production, inaccurate throws and inefficent offensive output. 

The Chiefs have held their opponents to only 12.3 points per game (1st in the NFL) and Smith hands the ball off to Jamaal Charles.

THAT is why a poor quarterback isn't receiving the love.

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