News's Discouraging Pro Bowl Ballot Promotion

Posted on November 10, 2013 at 4:50 PM

Right now if you visit and scroll down towards the middle of the front page, you will see the 2014 Pro Bowl ballot.

The six default selections at quarterback read as follows, from left to right:

Tom Brady, Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers and Matthew Stafford.

Obviously, Manning will be the first quarterback taken -- he's playing at a level head and shoulders above the rest of the league.

What I take issue with are the three quarterbacks placed to his left, being used to help promote the Pro Bowl ballot. After Week 9 of the 2013 NFL season, neither Robert Griffin III nor Andrew Luck deserve to be selected to the Pro Bowl. They've both been unproductive, inaccurate and inefficient.

Tom Brady, who is one of the least accurate passers in the game (28th in completion-percentage), has been the furthest thing from a Pro Bowl quarterback this year.

I have never supported fans being granted the opportunity to have any say in who is selected to the Pro Bowl. Overall, the masses have proven themselves incapable of making such decisons. If the NFL wants to restore integrity to the Pro Bowl, they don't need to be using their official website to encourage fans to vote for candidates who haven't earned the right to call themselves elite in 2013. 

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