Terrible Argument for Andrew Luck in the MVP Rankings

Posted on October 28, 2013 at 4:45 PM's John Breech made an incredibly weak argument for ranking Andrew Luck No.2 on his MVP projections list.

"Andrew Luck doesn't have as many passing yards as a Peyton Manning or a Drew Brees or a Joe Flacco or even a Geno Smith and he doesn't have as many touchdown passes as a Tony Romo, a Matthew Stafford or a Jay Cutler, but what he does have is wins over 6-1 Seattle, 5-2 San Francisco and 6-1 Denver. Passing yards and touchdown passes are nice, but wins are nicer, so I'm moving Luck up to the No. 2 spot because the Colts would be 1-6 without him -- with a win over the Jaguars of course."

This is exactly the kind of commentary that illustrates a lack of understanding pertaining to an individual's contributions to his team's chances of winning. While the Colts' 5-2 record is impressive, posts like this completely fail to address exactly what it is Andrew Luck is contributing to his team's victories. 

  • Luck isn't productive -- he currently ranks 24th in passing yards per-game.
  • Luck doesn't score many points -- he currently ranks 14th in touchdown passes.
  • Luck isn't accurate -- he currently ranks 18th in pass completion percentage.
  • Luck isn't very efficient -- he currently ranks 14th in adjusted net yards per attempt.

Even if you add his 183 rushing yards and three rushing touchdowns to passing production totals, it doesn't make a dent.

Anyone can babble about "intangibles" which is often the crutch used at the heart of weak arguments, but until one can illustrate exactly how a quarterback is out-performing other quarterbacks, there will always be a long list of facts radily available to debunk sensationalistic nonsense.

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