Tom Brady's Horrendous 2013 Season Continues

Posted on October 29, 2013 at 12:45 AM

Tom Brady's 2013 season has continued to crumble in spite of his team's 6-2 record.

During the team's 27-17 victory over the Dolphins, Brady's ineptitude was on display once again.

 Individual contribution: 13 of 22 (59.1) for 116 yards, one touchodwn and one interception. 69.5 passer rating.

The Dolphins defense has not played spectacularly in 2013 but neither has Brady, who struggled against an average defense to deliver one of his weakest offensive performances in years (least productive game since Week 14 of 2009). His season totals range from poor to downright shameful.


Tom Brady (2013 QBS After Week 8: 0.0)

  • 15th in passing yards.
  • 18th in touchdown passes.
  • 31st in pass completion percentage.
  • 26th in adjusted net yards per attempt.
  • 28th in passer rating.

Yes, some of the blame falls on the Patriots inexperienced receiving corps. But whatever happened to the nonsense about Brady "playing miracle worker" with his supporting cast? The truth is, this hasn't been the case in 2013, nor has it ever been. Unlike Peyton Manning, Brady's production has been predicated upon him being surrounded with talent already proven to be productive elsewhere. Randy Moss was a touchdown machine before Brady was ever drafted and Wes Welker produced at a comparable rate with Matt Cassel throwing him the football.

At the age of 32, well past his physical prime -- Welker has tied his career high of nine touchdown receptions in only half a season with Manning.

Meanwhile, Brady has been less productive than Carson Palmer, less accurate than Thaddeus Lewis and Christain Ponder, less efficent than Chad Henne, while sporting a lower passer rating than Matt Schaub and Mike Glennon.

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