Brett Favre is Wrong About Tom Brady's 2013 Season Being His Best

Posted on October 20, 2013 at 2:55 PM
The QBS system was developed, in-part, to put nonsense like this to rest. Brett Favre, one of the greatest quarterbacks in QBS history, made bandwagon-esque remarks about Tom Brady's 2013 season.

"My opinion, by far the most impressive performance in any season that Tom has had. And I know that the numbers are not Tom Brady-like numbers but based on the situation: the players, the cast that he has around him, the fact that he is more of a player-coach -- which is always tough. You're coaching, you're teaching in the huddle, at the line, getting guys lined up. I think it's a testament to how good he really is." -Brett Favre

I addressed the topic of Brady's overrated 2013 season just a few days ago and exposed his poor-performance. The numbers speak for themselves.

Tom Brady (2013 QBS After Week Six: 0.0)

  • 16th in passing yards.
  • 12th in touchdown passes.
  • 27th in pass completion-percentage.
  • 23rd in adjusted net yards per attempt.
  • T-19th in interceptions.


Additional Facts to Consider:

  • The Patriots defense ranks 5th in the NFL, allowing only 16.2 PPG.
  • The teams the Patriots have defeated sport a 6-16 win/loss record.

Brady's production has been mediocre (16th in passing yards and 12th in touchdown passes), his accuracy has been atrocious (27th) and his efficiency has been extremely poor (23rd). "The Patriots" have won five out of six games against teams with a cumulative 6-16 record. When you're backed by an elite defense, it is possible for a quarterback to win games against bad teams while being both inaccurate and inefficient. That's the story here.

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