Comparing Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck with the QBS

Posted on October 18, 2013 at 2:00 PM
With Peyton Manning's return to Indianapolis coming up this Sunday, the comparisons between him and Colts' quarterback Andrew Luck have been running rampant across the internet. It has mostly become a discussion of Manning's record pace vs. Luck's surprising 4-2 record. When being put in such general terms, the comparison appears closer than it really is.

Using the QBS to grade both quarterback's 2012 seasons as well as their seasons so far in 2013, it is clear that Manning is the superior quarterback and it's not even close. While Manning's 33.0 QBS in 2012 ranked first amongst all quarterbacks, Luck's rookie campaign, often highlighted by passing yards, fourth quarter comebacks and the Colts cumulative 11-5 record, produced a putrid 0.0 QBS. Luck's only top-ten placement was in passing yards (7th) while his completion-percentage was horrific (31st) and his adjusted net yards per attempt (20th) was woefully inefficient.

2013 continues to separate Manning from Luck and all other quarterbacks in the NFL. Ranking first across the board in passing yards, touchdown passes, completion-percentage and adjusted net yards per attempt, Manning is the most productive, accurate and efficent quarterback in the league. While Luck's completion-percentage has improved from 31st to 15th, he has been an unproductive player, ranking 21st in passing yards and 18th in touchdown passes.

Manning's current QBS is a perfect 40.0 while Luck's remains scoreless at 0.0.

Peyton Manning (2012 QBS: 33.0)

  • 6th in passing yards.
  • 3rd in touchdown passes.
  • 1st in completion-percentage.
  • 1st in adjusted net yards per attempt.
  • T-21st in interceptions.

Andrew Luck (2012 QBS: 0.0)

  • 7th in passing yards.
  • 14th in touchdown passes.
  • 31st in pass completion-percentage.
  • 20th in adjusted net yards per attempt.
  • T-3rd in interceptions.

Peyton Manning (2013 QBS After Week Six: 40.0)

  • 1st in passing yards.
  • 1st in touchdown passes.
  • 1st in pass completion-percentage.
  • 1st in adjusted net yards per attempt.
  • T-34th in interceptions.

Andrew Luck (2013 QBS After Week Six: 0.0)

  • 21st in passing yards.
  • 18th in touchdown passes.
  • 15th in pass completion-percentage.
  • 12th in adjusted net yards per attempt.
  • T-25th in interceptions.

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