Exposing a Humiliating Argument in Favor of Eli Over Peyton

Posted on October 12, 2013 at 5:30 PM

Back in July of 2012, posed the question: "Who is the better quarterback?"

In reality, it's a hysterical question -- but I understand the marketability of the Manning brothers and the need to portray them as comparable for the purpose of promotion, hype and discussion. While taking the side of Eli is no easy position for any so-called "expert analyst" to take,'s Jason Smith provided one of the most humiliating arguments in recent memory.

Smith said that "If Eli didn't have such bad body language and sour-puss looks on his face at times, we're not even talking about this."

The implication of course is that Eli's body of work is so superior to Peyton's that the issue shouldn't even be up for debate. Smith states that Eli's poor body lagnuage and facial expressions are the only factor turning the debate into a discussion.

The QBS has evaluated the careers of the Manning brothers in detail.

Peyton Manning's Career QBS: 395.5 -- Eli Manning's Career QBS: 40.5

Peyton Manning's Average Seasonal QBS: 28.5 -- Eli Manning's Average Seasonal QBS: 5.06

Yet in Smith's eyes "Stats don't matter, and it's not even close -- Eli's the better quarterback."

In the eyes of the layperson -- production, accuracy, efficency and ball-protection can be dismised as mere "stats."

That's why simple-minded fans and befuddled analysts focus more on the result of a season than the actual steps taken to arrive at said result.

I wonder if the 2013 Broncos and Giants agree with Smith's argument that stat's don't matter?

Peyton Manning (2013): 150 of 198 (75.8) for 1,884 yards, 20 touchdowns and 1 interception.

Eli Manning (2013): 123 of 229 (53.7) for 1,721 yards, 9 touchdowns and 15 interceptions.

The Broncos are 5-0, having scored more points in a five-game span than any team in NFL history.

The Giants are 0-6, having committed more turnovers in the first six weeks than any team in the last 22 years.

I certainly see the correlation, but lets delve deeper. 


  • Peyton's 75.8 completion-percentage ranks 1st -- Eli's 53.7 completion-percentage ranks 32nd.
  • Peyton's 20 touchdown passes rank him 1st and more than double Eli's 9.
  • Peyton has thrown one interception compared to Eli who leads the league with 15.
  • Peyton's 10.91 A/N-YPA ranks him 1st compared to Eli who's 4.54 ranks 29th in efficency.

The numbers really do speak for themselves. Unless of course, the stat's don't matter.

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