What They're Not Telling You About Brady vs. Manning

Posted on January 23, 2016 at 3:25 PM
Brady vs. Manning—or "Manning vs. Brady" (depending on your point of view), is arguably, the most hyped player-rivalry in NFL history. With the two quarterbacks set to square off this Sunday for the 17th time (4th time for the AFC Championship), the mainstream media has made every day a field-day in respects to hype, promotion and presentation sans context. The rivalry is too often reduced to elementary analysis: reiteration of Brady's 11-5 record vs. Manning, four rings to one, Manning's 9 one and done's. The information force-fed through television sets and across the internet, at this point, is common knowledge to fans of the game. Yet, we see it over and over.

So, what aren't they telling you?

1) Brady Has Proclaimed Manning the "Greatest of All-Time."

Brady's respect for Manning has been well-established, yet, rarely publicized.
"What can you say more about what Peyton Manning has been able to accomplish? It's been the greatest season-and-a-half stretch in the history of the NFL. Nobody has really matched what he has been able to do." -Brady on Manning's 2013-14 run

2) Manning Has Faced Mostly Elite Defenses—Brady Has Faced Mostly Bad Defenses.

3) Since 2003: Manning Has Played at a Higher Level in the Postseason.

4) Manning Has Performed Better in Six "One and Done's" since 2005 than Brady Has in His Six AFC Championship Wins.

5) The Higher the Stakes, the Further Manning Has Separated Himself vs. Brady.

Brady's record in AFC Championship Games/Super Bowls:

  • vs. Peyton Manning: 1-2 (0.333)
  • vs. Peyton Manning, since 2005: 0-2 (0.000)

  • vs. Peyton/Eli Manning: 1-4 (0.200)
  • vs. everyone else: 10-1 (0.909)

6) Manning Was Wrong about Brady Breaking His Single-Season Touchdown Record.

7) Manning Has Earned a Record Seven First Team All-Pro Selections to Brady's Two.

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